Exclusive | CCI Logistics’ Naresh Sharma on pioneering single-window solutions for safe and efficient material distribution

In an exclusive interview with MediaBrief, Naresh Sharma, Managing Director of the CCI Group, discusses how CCI Logistics is ensuring the safe and timely distribution of materials. He elaborates on the company’s endeavors within the Refrigerated Transportation segment and highlights its commitment to emission-free last-mile delivery.
Sharma also delves into CCI Logistics’ marketing and communication strategies, its sustainability and environmental responsibility initiatives, and its plans for 2023. Read on.

What was the insight behind the launch of CCI Logistics?

We aspire to become a full-service end-to-end supply chain company. When we initially launched, our vision was to offer a comprehensive suite of services, thereby enhancing the range of global logistics solutions on a robust platform by incorporating sound business strategies into client operations.

Our goal is to embrace and excel in utilizing the best available technology, thereby providing our customers with a competitive and cost-effective advantage.

Tell us about CCI Logistic’s suite of offerings. How do you create value for your stakeholders?

We aim to offer single-window solutions that prioritize customer satisfaction and deliver comprehensive end-to-end services. Our ambition is to be pioneers in ensuring the safe and timely distribution of materials, maintaining their integrity. This will be achieved through the cultivation of an organizational culture focused on efficiency, reliability, and total quality management.

Furthermore, we endeavor to surpass cultural and social barriers, fostering a genuine spirit of partnership in the workplace. This transformation will enable us to evolve into a trusted and dependable logistics partner.

What specific services does CCI Logistics provide in Refrigerated Transportation, and how do these services meet the specific needs of sectors like Pharmaceuticals and Food?

We provide refrigerated transportation services to our customers in the logistically sensitive pharmaceutical and food industries. Our REEFER fleet comprises vehicles of various capacities suitable for the movement of perishable commodities for both inter-state and in-city transportation. The entire fleet is configured to seamlessly manage the multiple temperature requirements of different types of products.

To offer comprehensive transport solutions, we provide LTL (Less than Truckload) services to various cities in India. LTL services are available for shipments ranging from one to three tons, and we deliver them on a door-to-door basis.

Handling over-dimensional consignments (ODC) is another one of our strengths. With access to a wide variety of ODC equipment, such as hydraulic axles, low bed trailers, semi-low bed trailers, and high bed trailers, we can easily transport ODC cargo of any dimension. This capability also enables us to move large volumes of project cargo across India.

How do the operations of CCI Logistics’ Container Freight Station (CFS) and their custom brokerage services work together to streamline the supply chain for clients?

A Container Freight Station serves as a pit stop for shipping containers, functioning as a facility for consolidating, deconsolidating, and sometimes temporarily storing cargo. Think of it as a sorting hub for goods in transit, which plays a vital role in optimizing shipping routes and enhancing the overall efficiency of the transportation process.

On the other hand, Customs brokerage acts as the translator between your goods and the government. It involves a substantial amount of paperwork, ensuring that all the necessary customs documentation is in order, tariffs are paid, and regulations are complied with. Essentially, it’s the service that facilitates the smooth and legal passage of your goods through customs.

Both Customs Clearance and Freight Forwarding ensure that the following key factors are properly addressed: Efficiency improvement, time savings, risk mitigation, and enhanced visibility.

What operational strategies does the company employ to ensure efficient and timely deliveries?

Constant follow-up with the team, usage of the ERP portal, and data updates in the backend are essential. Ownership is given to each vertical head to ensure the smooth operation of their respective areas.

How do the integrated parks with Grade A warehouses in various locations contribute to the efficiency and reliability of CCI Logistics’ supply chain services?

Grade A warehouses play a pivotal role in enhancing the efficiency and reliability of CCI Logistics’ supply chain operations. These warehouses are like the superheroes of logistics, equipped with top-notch facilities and features.

Grade A warehouses significantly contribute to supply chain operations through strategic location, state-of-the-art infrastructure, optimized storage, enhanced security, flexibility, compliance, efficient transportation connections, and real-time visibility. These key attributes reduce costs, improve efficiency, and ensure the safety and reliability of stored goods, making them crucial assets in the logistics industry.

In summary, Grade A warehouses are like the beating heart of a well-functioning supply chain. Their strategic locations, advanced technology, security measures, and scalability contribute significantly to the overall efficiency, reliability, and resilience of the supply chain division.

They are the unsung heroes behind the scenes, ensuring that products move seamlessly through the logistics network.

What details can you provide about CCI Logistics’ initiative to introduce EV Vehicles for ‘Emission-Free Last Mile Delivery’?

By embracing electric vehicles for last-mile delivery, not only do you contribute to a more sustainable future, but you also position your company as a leader in environmentally friendly logistics. It’s a win-win for the planet and your business.

Tell us about CCI Logistic’s marketing and communication approach. Which channels do you choose for marketing? What is your marketing and media mix?

As of now, we are active on various social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Currently, we are not allocating a budget for media buying. However, in the near future, our intention is to invest in LinkedIn advertising to reach B2B clients.

What specific sustainability and environmental responsibility initiatives has CCI Logistics undertaken to reduce its ecological footprint?

We have planted trees and added solar panels to our parks. In our trucking division, we are using electric vehicles. In our warehouses, we are installing solar panels to promote green energy, as well as utilizing electric vehicles and compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles.

Additionally, we are incorporating solar panels into our vehicles, implementing Sewage Treatment Plants (STP), and introducing rainwater harvesting systems in our warehousing facilities throughout India. We are harnessing more natural sunlight. Furthermore, we are actively working to reduce plastic usage.

What are your plans going forward? CCI Logistics’s top priorities and roadmap for 2023?

Our top priorities and roadmap for 2023 include expanding our service portfolio. In addition to our existing offerings such as FTL, FF, CS, 3PL-warehouse, and warehousing infrastructure, our focus for the year is to introduce several new products. These additions to our portfolio encompass L and D services, Multimodal solutions, SAARC cross-border services, and a range of other offerings.

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